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A recreation of bringing hunting trophies back to life.


Archery Shop

Full line of Archery and Hunting supplies.



A line of Professional Taxidermy.



Here at Alberta Badlands Taxidermy we are a family friendly business owned by Derek Young and his significant other Julie Isaac. Together we bring your joy of that special hunt back to life for you to enjoy in your home. We do our best to have efficient turn around time for your custom mount so the joy and excitement of the hunt isn't lost, in waiting for the pride you feel when placing your mount in your home for the first time. We have affordable pricing and top of the line finishes on every piece that comes through our doors. We enjoy every piece we do and we enjoy getting to know each customer individually. We have an open door policy and enjoy it when people stop by our shop for a conversation or, information about our place of business. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, and remember we are here to keep your hunt going long after your custom piece has arrived at its final home.


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Deer Shoulder Mount: 800.00

Elk Shoulder Mount: 1500.00

Moose Shoulder Mount: 2000.00

Antelope Shoulder Mount: 750.00

Deer Pedestal Mount: 1500.00

Wolf Shoulder Mount: 1000.00 

Bear Shoulder Mount: 1200.00

Shoulder Mount Bison: 3000.00

Bear Half Mount: 2000.00 + Base

Cougar Half Mount: 2000.00 + Base

Wolf Full Mount: 3000.00 + 25% with Base

Coyote Full Mount: 800.00 + 25% Base

Cougar Full Mount: 3500.00 + 25% Base

Lynx Full Mount: 2000.00 with Base

Bobcat Full Mount: 2000.00 with Base

Bear Full Mount: 3500.00 + 25% Base

Fox Full Mount: 800.00 + base

Wolf Rug o/m: 1250.00

Wolf Rug c/m: 1000.00

Bear Rug: 300.00 Per foot/ 5 foot Min

Cougar Rug c/m: 1200.00

Cougar Rug o/m: 1500.00

Full Mount Deer, Elk, Moose,African, Ect. prices upon request.

Birds- Starting at 500.00

Fish - Price upon request

We Offer- Hide Prepping, Export and Cities Permits, Skull Cleaning, Fast turn around time, and shipping around the world. 

Gift certificates available upon request.

All prices are subject to change.


  • Black Widow Innovations

                  Full Line of Broadheads​

  • Killinstix

                Full Line of Arrows​​

  • APA Compound Bows

                          Coming Soon​

  • Kings Camo

                           Coming Soon​

  • Hoodies and Hats by suppliers and our taxidermy shop available

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